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Creating Memories Together

"From start to finish, give your life the travel experience it deserves."


Our Services

Planning, Creating & Executing a Customized Travel Experience

Discover the World Travel
(Comprehensive Trip Planning)

Planning your own travel can overwhelming and time-consuming.  As an experienced professional you can count on me to guide you along every step of the process - before, during and after your trip - making sure your travel experience is seamless.

Celebration Travel
(Family & Friends)

Let's celebrate - Birthdays, Anniversaries, Milestones, or just because! This is one of the most popular services, as travel is exponentially more memorable with family and friends. With a streamlined process, I am here to make your family and friends' vacation more enjoyable and special from the start!

Private or Group Tour
(Worry Free with Guide)

Explore the destination(s) to your heart's content without stressing about what to do next. Be at ease that there is always someone to take care of you and available to further enhance your travel experience. 


She always has all the details and information that I need and she even gives me recommendations for what to do at my travel destinations! Super thankful for everything you've done for me. Thank you, Ami!

Lia E.


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