About Me

The Travel Specialist
Ami Jagger (Hisanaga)

Growing up, family vacations were the sparks that ignited my love for travel.

Throughout the years, I have travelled to an array of destinations from Europe, Asia, North American to even the French Polynesia.


It helped me learn more about the world, the beauty of different cultures, customs, and food. It helped me grow as a person and to learn the importance and greatness of stepping outside the bubble called home.


Travel is more than just a getaway. When we travel there is always an underlying purpose, whether it is to learn, connect, gain experience or recharge. My goal is to make sure your main purpose is at the forefront and with a streamlined process  and full support, to create the unforgettable vacation experience for you.

**In Memory of My Mother - Mariko Hisanaga**
My mother was the biggest traveller I have ever known. She instilled in me her love of travel, culture and food that I am forever grateful for. Though her travel journey has ended, it has made it more important for me to celebrate those who are still able to travel and create lasting memories. "Travel when you can with those you love."