About Me

The Travel Experience Specialist
Ami Jagger (Hisanaga)

Growing up, I was blessed with amazing family vacations. From multiple visits to Japan, Disneyland, Disney World, sailing on the Big Red Boat (the once official cruise ship for Disney) and Alaska cruise sailings, are unforgettable memories I am forever thankful for.

And that was just the catalyst of my travel bug...

After graduating, the itch was real and I later learned it would stay with me forever - checking off top US destinations from Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York to Phoenix, multiple All Inclusive Vacations (from Mexico, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, Barbados, to mention a few) and even living in Switzerland for 6 weeks while traveling all around Europe.

It helped me learn more about the world, the beauty of different cultures, customs, and food. It helped me grow as a person and to learn the importance of stepping outside our bubble we call home.

To this date however, the French Polynesia (the islands of Tahiti) has a special place in my heart.

Travel is more than just a getaway. When we travel there is always an underlying purpose, whether it is to learn, connect, gain experience or recharge. My goal is to make sure your main purpose is at the forefront and to create a streamlined process to create the ultimate vacation experience for you and others.