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Light at the end of the Travel Tunnel!

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

We have been stuck inside our bubble and our border since the Canadian Government announced Avoid All Non-Essential Travel on March 13, 2020.

Finally, with vaccines being rolled out and the number of new cases on the decline, there is light at the end of the travel tunnel.

It is time to remedy your travel itch!

Currently, there are different travel restrictions and policies for each country that are very imperitive to know and stay up to date before you pack your bags (ie. negative pcr test, quarantine policies, travel documentation, travel registration, vaccinations, etc.).

Do you want to travel, but feeling overwhelmed? Don't worry - there are amazing resources to help guide and support you.

  1. Canadian Government Website: - travel advisories, entry and exist requirements, returning home policies, registering your travel. (For American Citizens, the US Travel Advisory:

  2. IATA Travel Centre: - world map showing each countries travel restrictions.

  3. Destination Government and Tourism Board Website - it is important to also refer to the government website for the most up to date information. If the information is unclear, always contact the embassy or consulate.

  4. Your Local Travel Advisor/Agent - the pandemic has caused for countless cancellations, changes, and uncertainty. Throughout this time, travel advisors/agents have continued to stay up to date to make sure that each client is well taken care of and that the client does not have to be the one on hold for hours on end worried about their travel plans.

Travel is coming back! Stay tuned for tips, tricks, and updates.


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