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Planning Travel During/Post Covid

November 5, 2020

2020 has been an interesting year to say the least. With the "fluid" environment and the everchanging "norm," being well informed is the most important factor when planning your travel during/post COVID 19.

Here are some tips when planning travel during/post covid.

1) Stay up to date with your country's travel advisory
Canadians -

Americans -

2) Check your destination(s) restrictions and rules

Countries' embassy/consulate website
Great worldwide overview: click here

3) Check your travel components

Each airline, hotel, cruise line, tour company and insurance carrier has information about their current procedures and how you might be impacted.

Make sure you have all the required documents and supplies

4) Monitor for changes

There are higher chances of changes within your itinerary during this time (destination restrictions, supplier policies/procedures) which will require continuous monitoring. 

*Important, if your flight itinerary changes substantially, you do not have to accept the first option provided.

5) Make sure you are insured

Many insurance providers may not cover for Covid 19 related claims or may be limited in coverage. Make sure you understand what is covered within your policy and add or purchase what is necessary.

*Recommend getting insurance with cancel for any reason.

6) Monitor your health

Many destinations require health checks or negative COVID-19 tests prior to arrival. Check with your health provider and schedule appointments to coincide with your departure.

7) Make a plan to deal with changes

Be prepared to make necessary adjustments regarding dates, rebooking future travel, insurance, etc. 

If you have a travel advisor, they are there to help you with these processes.

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