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Group Travel Benefits

November 6, 2020

Did you know that there are many benefits traveling as a group?

Here are some KEY benefits to consider:

All Inclusive Vacations:

1) Seat Assignment for the whole group (usually extra charge)

2) Free travel for guest(s) - flights and rooms*

3) Special connector rates

4) Private check-in**

5) Group excursions

6) Don't compete with group members for price***


1) Private Guide and Tour with 8 - 12+ people

(at the same/similar price as joining a regular coach tour)

2) Choose a date that works for you

3) Personalize your tour with optional activities

4) Free spot or discount*

5) Explore with your bubble!


1) Added amenities****

Examples: Onboard credit, bottles of wine, drink packages, specialty dining, and more

2) Special group rates

3) Free berth*

4) Plan private excursions, cocktail hours, and/or events

*Free travel/spot/berth for guest(s) depends on group size and promotion (tax not included).

**For larger groups, the hotel will have a dedicated check-in for you.

***IMPORTANT: Travel is priced through calculations of supply and demand. The more it sells, the more the price increases. When you book as a group, you don't have to worry about paying hundreds of dollars more than your traveling companions or bumping up their price.

****Added amenities depend on blocked space and promotion.

Find out what offers are available for you and what benefits you can take advantage of!

Group Travel Tips: Travel Tips
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